Minea Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd is one the manufacturer located in Zhongshan ,China,which specilizing in both thermoelectric and compressor’s developmnt,produce and global market sell.

    Zhongshan , one of the famous city in the Pearl River Delta area with developing economy;near by ports and convenient transportation system.

    Minea wine cabinet is currently being sold in over 30 Countries worldwide including Asia,North America,South America,Europe and Africa.Minea offers more than 50 kinds of models including compressor wine cabinet,thermoelectric wine cabinet and refrigeration;Our range is high quality,diverse and excellent price point,the products suit for a variety of home and kitchen needs and requirements.the main customers of Minea’s have been selling on Amazon.com,Homedepot,and Wal-mart,or the distributor and retailer known in the world,such as NEW AIR,WINE ENTHUSIAST,CASO DESIGN,VODOM,EDGE STAR and so on.

    Over 15 years,Minea has own import and export license and built a reputation as a trusted brand”VINOCAVE”.Since 2010,VINOCAVE became popular in domestic as soon as it was launched and VINOCAVE brand has been leading wine cabinet online sell in domestic 9 years.

    Minea has people-oriented and scientific management,keep improving manufacturing techniques and processes,redefine product’s design,productions and service,we aim to build a global wine storage center and we’ve been holding more and more wine storage techniques and applications(Themoelectric wine cabinet,Compressor wine cabinet and customized wine cellar).

    Minea Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd now is being supported by local government,a totally new production base will born in this 10,000 square meter land.All Minea’s keep people-centered,to innovate as the power for company development;to satisfy customer’s needs as the basic for business;to develop more and excellent suppliers as the business partner.

    As the world’s leading wine storage equipment manufacturer, every moment, there are countless wines in the world that cherish its unique flavor in the equipment produced by Vino Kraft. In order to provide better quality products and provide a safe sleeping space for wine, we always go all out to promote the continuous upgrade of R&D and production. Vinocave adheres to the principle of respectful manufacturing, redefines product design, manufacturing and service mode through advanced manufacturing technology and scientific humanized management model, is committed to building a global wine storage product production center, and now has almost all wine storage equipment (Including semiconductor-type constant temperature wine cabinet, compressor-type constant temperature wine rejection, global customized wine cellar) research and development and application capabilities.
    In addition to production research and development, Vino Kraft also has a global sales network and personnel distribution, mature overseas cooperation experience and marketing capabilities. Since 2006, Vinokaf’s products have been exported to Europe and the United States. Over the past ten years, we have created wines that involve suppliers, contractors, builders, and operation and maintenance service providers. Storage establishes the Fen industry chain ecosystem, connecting with each other in each field and complementing each other’s advantages. Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, it continues to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.
    Having a globalized international vision allows us to better stand on the domestic market. For many years, we have been committed to carrying out localization construction in China in the fields of talent training, R&D innovation, production belt manufacturing and procurement. At present, Vino Kraft’s domestic sales department has achieved 100% localization of employees, allowing us to better understand the subtle changes in the local market environment, master daily operations and adjust decisions in a timely manner according to demand. Today, we have developed strong local R&D and market innovation capabilities in China. For many years, we have maintained the number one sales volume in the entire network and maintained a 35% annual sales growth.
    Vinocave is now under the key support of the Zhongshan Municipal Government and will invest in a new production base in Dongfeng Town. On this 10,000 square meters of land, we are about to build a global wine storage product manufacturing center. As a leader in the wine storage industry, we will improve production efficiency through machine interconnection, software and big data analysis in the new production base, and create a new industrial model that belongs to wine storage technology. In the future, we will continue to base on Guangdong, serve China, and radiate the global wine life circle.
Our corporate culture is people-oriented, realistic and innovative, and win-win sharing. Our wine cabinets have entered most European and American white-collar families. The wine cabinet is no longer an absolute luxury, but a wine management expert for people with taste and understanding of life. Our goal is to become the first brand of wine storage in China, to provide the best wine storage solutions for people who love wine
    Vinocave – born to wine cooler, build a better wine cabinet, and live for the wine cabinet!
    As time goes by, it can continue to sublimate.
    In the moment of Kaifeng, the fragrance that bloomed as before and the integrity of time.
    How to use the wine cabinet to preserve the pure splendor of this life is Vinocave’s original mission.
    It seems to Mr. Huang Long,
    Every good wine has a different personality or plump and enchanting.
    Or fresh skinny or stimulate aggression or warm and supple.
    Caring for different wines in a suitable way can be spread.
    To this end he has explored 1352 wine tastings.
    More than 6000 kinds of excellent wine, record 10072 pages of notes.
    Feel the taste deviation at different temperatures carefully, and repeatedly compare the color and tone of the breath under different humidity.
    So far, the humidity in the cabinet is 60%~70%, and the temperature in the cabinet is 10~14°C.
    It will not be disturbed by natural light. It will always keep a constant protection of the forest.
    It became the original standard for Vinocave to define products and has been demanding to this day.
    Focus, love, born for red wine is the stubborn gene in Vinocave’s bones, time has settled, and the heart is as always, Vinocave carefully polishes every product.
In 2010, he became the pioneer of the online Chinese wine cabinet market and has maintained the leading position in online sales for many years. Today, the wine cabinet technology has been inherited for 41 years. Chinese families have a new definition of quality life. Vinocave is no longer satisfied with red wine. The role of the inheritor of the cabinet in 2019, surpassing the self and starting a new life with red wine culture as the quality life of Chinese families. Proposal VINOCAVE is a natural wine producer. Good red wine is placed in Vino Kraft.
    We have a complete product testing system to ensure that each product meets international standards. The company has passed ISO international certification, GS, CB, EMC, LVD and other certification qualifications. Building products with the highest standards has always been our philosophy, and excellent quality comes from our demand for every detail.