On August 18th, the wine cabinet brand Vinocave carried out a strategic upgrade of the five dimensions of brand, product, consumer, channel and marketing in Guangzhou, and released a new brand positioning language “Borned to Wine Cooler Specialist” and brand advertising slogan “Good red wine should be placed in Vinocave.”

Red wine ice sculpture about 5 meters high set by Vinocave

At the event site, Vinocave released two new intelligent products, namely the Starry Sky Series Alpha and the Explorer Series Skywalker. Huang Long, founder of the Vinocave brand, introduced that the biggest difference between this new product and the classic series is that it has an original curved surface design and is equipped with a touch screen. In the current market, the popularity of wine cabinets is not very high. Huang Long said that Vinocave is committed to providing the best wine storage solutions for everyone who loves wine.

    Wang Junyu, marketing director of Vinocave introduced that the constellation system Alpha has removed the traditional wine cabinets with angular and linear design and adopted a curved design. This is an exploration of the wine cabinet market, and the Explorer series Skywalker is mainly aimed at the commercial market. .

It is understood that the Vinocave brand originated in Nice, France. Since entering China in 2011, it has developed into a total solution provider for red wine storage, under the jurisdiction of Zhongshan Meniya Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

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